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The AHRS interfaces with other international hair research societies in the International Federation of Hair Research Societies. The member societies rotate the responsibility to organize the World Congress for Hair Research every several years. This is the largest and most respected hair research meeting in the scientific community.

2030 WCHR Open Slot

We are delighted to announce the launch of the 2030 Open Slot bidding process. This is a new initiative introduced into the calendar of the World Congress for Hair Research. In this unique instance, a bid to host the Open Slot need not come from an existing IFHRS member society. However, the bid must come from a bid team with a genuine interest in promoting Hair Research with the strengths, confidence, and capabilities to organize and host this event and the team must outline compelling reasons for their choice of location/timing which make the event unique in the cycle of hair research congresses.

Year City Hosting Society Dates Meeting Name URL Congress President
1st1995BelgiumEHRSIntercontinental Meeting of Hair Research Societies (IMHRS)Dominique van Neste
2nd1998Washington DCAHRSIMHRSUlrike Lichti, Jerry Shapiro, David Whiting
3rd2001TokyoSHSRJune 13-15IMHRSHideoki Ogawa
4th2004BerlinEHRSJune 17-19IMHRSUlrike Blume-Peytavi
5th2007VancouverAHRSJune 13-16International Congress of Hair Research (ICHR)Jerry Shapiro
6th2010CairnsAHWRSJune 16-19World Congress for Hair Research (WCHR) Rod Sinclair
7th2013EdinburghEHRSMay Andrew Messenger
8th2014JejuKHRSMay Won-Soo Lee
9th2015MiamiAHRSNov. 18-21WCHRwww.hair2015.orgWilma Bergfeld, Angela Christiano, Maria Hordinsky
10th2017KyotoSHSR & JSCHROct. 31- Nov. Tsuboi, Satoshi Itami
11th2019BarcelonaEHRSApril 24-27WCHRwww.barcelonahair2019.orgJuan Ferrando, Ramon Grimalt
12th2022MelbourneAHWRSNov. 18-21WCHRwww.hair2022.orgRod Sinclair
13th2024DallasAHRSApril 6-9WCHRwww.hair2024.orgAngela Christiano, John Seykora, Antonella Tosti, Maria Hordinsky
14th2026SeoulKHRSMay 28-31WCHRwww.hair2026.orgChang-Hun Huh, Ohsang Kwon, Moon-Bum Kim
16th2030Open SlotTBDWCHR